SKY3DS Flashcard Function Test, Demonstration video

Before we reported about a flashcard known as “SKY3DS”, according to the video they published, they demonstrated that it could play copied games on the newest 9.X firmware. Now we have a copy of this cartridge, and are going to run a few tests.

SKY3DS’s exterior is the same as a normal 3DS cartridge with very little differences. At the top of the cart there is a TF cart slot, a small button and an indicator light. The TF card slot uses a TF card to load games. The button is used when selecting games, the indicator light sticks out of the cartridge, the flashing blue light points out that the game is being changed.

People paying close attention to this product know, SKY3DS at the present time cannot break through region locking. We took this card, with the contents containing “Super Mario 3D Land”, “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”, and more, but all were USA roms. A Japanese 3DS had no way to read or use this card. As for the region locking, if it is due to the card itself or the TF card’s content of games, for now we have no way to know, we are guessing it is the latter.

System restrictions aside, after undergoing some testing, SKY3DS can really support the latest 9.2 firmware and every other firmware out there, furthermore there is no need to hack or do any work, it is plug-and-play. When switching games, you just need to press the button on the card, the blue light will begin to shine, it will flicker for awhile, and at the same time the game on the 3DS will begin to change, and you can start the game. Regarding save files all functionality is normal.

At the present time SKY3DS games cannot be directly copy and pasted into the TF card just using a PC. But rather by means of a special computer program that puts the copied games into the TF card. A short while ago we connected the TF card used by the special program onto the PC, there was no way to look inside the card, and rather it said that the card needed to be formatted in order to work, because there were no programs that were compatible with it. Currently we have no way to get into the games input operations, no way to know how the games get written on to the card, as for the amount of the games that can be loaded, we aren’t sure if there is a way to replace the games and we are currently looking into this, in the future we will add more to this topic. Please keep tuned.


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