SKY3DS Flashcard 2.0 Roll out with no limit

Breaking news we heard that SKY3DS will released the update sky3ds card with no limit competing with Gateway’s 9.20 exploit. As the information you can see from

If it is the truth, awesome sky3ds. From latest Nintendo 3ds system update 9.3.0-21, sky3ds confirmed it support the 9.3.0 the first time while gateway 3ds warn us not updating because 9.3.0-21J BLOCKS GATEWAYS UPDATE!
As a result, SKY3DS users still can enjoy latest games like Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, Smash bros, also we still access online in those games when 9.3.0 -21 comes out

We heard the rumor that along with rolling out SKY3DS update 2.0, sky3ds released the new package like showing below,

cardpackage sky3ds
Here problems are coming out, what is the real meaning “no limit”? NO region free?no 10 games limit? Or the both? We can’t wait to find out the truth.
What about the old generation SKY3DS?
We think sky3ds team will give a good resolution, a update tool or a link ect.

All in all, SKY3DS is definitely the starry 3ds product 1st hacking 3ds 4.5 version and keep becoming more and more powerful.


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