SKY3DS DiskWriter V1.05 Released, More Optimiser features for SKY3DS

SKY3DS has  released the DiskWriter V1.05 and updated the template file in Christmas.

Any new functions for the card? let’s what has announced in the official website

* Sky3DS updated template file [12/25/2014]

* Sky3DS DiskWriter V1.05 [12/24/2014]

Change logs:
1. Fixed a few tiny bugs.
2. Added optimiser feature(manage and optimise the microSD space size).
3. Image name description.
Brief DiskWriter functions introduce for SKY3DS
Write:write games into microsd card.
Backup Games:Bckup all of the games and savers from microsd
Restore Games:Restore all of games and savers to Microsd card
Backup Save Data:Backup all of savers from Microsd card
Restore Save Data:Restore all of savers to Microsd card
FormatFormat microsd card to use on diskwriter
ReFormat:Restore microsd to Windows rewriteable format Optimiser:manage and optimise the microSD space size
Change Template: change to choose the updated template file (game titles header information)
More detailed instruction here
Besides, SKY3DS can support the newest 9.4.0-21U/E/J directly and no game limit with blue button
newSky   newSky2

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