Big Year End sale for Blue Button SKY3DS on

Just find a big sale for sky3ds on

How to choose from blue button sky3ds and double orange button sky3ds+ card?

For 3ds roms, the most games sky3ds+ can play sky3ds also does, only few AP-check game can not be supported by sky3ds directly.

If you just want play that ap-check games then choose the sky3ds+ card

Also some small different between these two card.

  1. The second generation product has two button which allow user to swift games forward and backward, but only one button for sky3ds, users can only press a circles games to the original one, it you can stand this, sky3ds also a good choice
  2. Operation for games is different, sky3ds+ only need copy and paste very simple easy, sky3ds card need to write games in the sd card with DskWrite tool, a small improvement for sky3ds
  3. Sky3ds+ card can update its firmware with usb cables, firmware update-able  seems a better assurance the card population life.
  4. Last one, their prices, the price of sky3ds is much lower than sky3ds+ card, also lower than Gateway, if you want play most 3ds roms on the latest V10.4.0-29, and have some price consideration, blue button sky3ds is a good choice in this sale time.

Though sky3ds+ card is more perfect than sky3ds, but sky3ds also has its own advantages.



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