Can sky3ds/sky3ds+ play homebrew on v10.7.0-31?

Yes, sky3ds/sky3ds+ actually still support homebrew. Then..

How to run Homebrews on 3ds/n3ds 10.7.0-32?

Homebrew exploit for 3ds 10.7.0-32 Homebrew exploit can’t support 3ds 10.7.0-32
  • Ninjhax: Works
  • OOThax: Works
  • Smashhax: Works
  • Browserhax: Still Patched
  • Ironhax: Still Patched
  • Menuhax: Still Patched
  • Memchunkhax2: Still Patched
  • SVChax/Memchunkhax2.5: The test works, but I’m still not sure if the exploit was patched
  • Tubehax: Patched for a long time.

As always Ninjahax 2.6 will still be the easist one to work for homebrew exploit for 3ds.

Smashhax and OOThax  would be more complicated to install on your N3ds/3DS console.

And we can find the detailed tutorial here:


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