Can Pokemon Moon/poket monsters moon work on SKY3DS+ testing

The new game Pokemon moon is going to be released recently.

And find some users has questions about it to work on sky3ds+.

some one said his console can not read that game with sky3ds+, and out to be a .3ds.bad file.

Do you think this words is a too similar as we have heard when the “Dragon Quest Joker 3” released this year?

That user said he has downloaded the “Dragon Quest Joker 3” rom and tried to play it on his sky3ds+ card. but the card won’t read the game, it changed the rom he copied to his sd card to .3ds.bad, and ask us what can him do .

Then we tested it with the sky3ds+, we bought one new “Dragon Quest Joker 3” cartridge to dump it for sky3ds+, but it just work directly on the sky3ds+.

Then we can see that sky3ds+ team announced that “We’ve tested all new released 3DS games on sky3DS+ without any problem, works like a charm! Just make sure your download rom is from the reliable sources, and dumped by the original retail game card, no modified and edited roms.

Will this new Pokemon moon have the same result just fit the sky3ds+?

We will test it after the game released. let’s see that.

Besides, if there is some time difference between countries? the game still not release in our side about any JP/US/EU version, how could some one has got the roms?




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