old topic: why sky3ds+ flashing rainbow after click the button

yes, this problem has been talked many times, but still some users get stuck by this question.

recently I met one again, he said when he plug the sky3ds+ into his 3ds xl, he can play the first game, but once he click the orange buttons, the light flash rainbow~~, and he is sured that he has gotten the right source of the 3ds roms. what’s the matter?

Don’t worry, this situation absolutely is not the questions of sky3ds+ since you can see and play the first 3ds rom.

The rainbow light means the sky3ds+ card doesn’t recognize the micro sd card. It can be caused by the following 2 reasons. 1.the sd card is faulty and you need get another different one to try again; 2.  the sd card is formatted in the improperly, try formatting to 32kb instead of 64kb cluster size if you have down so.

After checking about all these, he tried a brand new Sandisk 32gb sd card, and everything working perfectly.

And he said that first sd card he use was from his phone, is Samsung micro sd card. So we maybe take an eye for that sd card…



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