Amiiqo can replace Amiibo to collect figurines

What is Amiiqo?

The function of Amiiqo is the same as Amiibo. Both can store the figurines and play the game freely. One Amiibo can only store one figure, but one Amiiqo can store up to 200 figurines.You can download these figurines online and put it in Amiiqo. You can switch the figurines freely on Amiiqo.

How to use the Amiiqo?

The Amiiqo is made of two parts, Amiiqo Toy Emulator and USB NFC reader.You can also use the phone(with NFC function)to replace the USB NFC reader.

Step1: Download software and drivers from official website.

Step2:unzip and install the software and drivers in your CP. Note: Install the drivers which is matched with your CP.

Step3: Connect the NFC reader with CP via USB cable. Then put the Amiiqo Toy Emulator on the  NFC reader. Then open the software which is already installed in CP.
5 (1)
Step4: Click Connect, Then the Amiiqo Toy Emulator is connected now.
Scan for tags mean load all the data on the Amiiqo.

set bankcount mean set the number of figurines.

lock mean lock the data of Amiiqo. After locking, you can’t Operate data.
Note: If you want to unlock, you need to click the unlock and press the key of Amiiqo. If
unlock failure at first time, you can try again.
How to write the figurines into Amiiqo?
Double click the .bin file of figurines and write it into Amiiqo.
Note: All the files name must be in English.

You can buy the original and cheap Amiiqo from


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