N2 Elite Android App 2.0.4 suppots Alm and Celica amiibos


N2elite team released Android App 2.0.4 for N2 Elite

At the begining, N2 Elite was called amiiqo. The official team changed its name and now it is N2 Elite. N2 Elite is amiiqo.

N2 Elite is an NFC emulator supporting ALL existing Amiibo figurines. You can backup save data from your amiibo or download amiibos’ file and save in N2 Elite. It can store up 200 amiibo figures in one dic.

One NFC reader is necessay for N2 Elite. If you own one NFC smartphone, then you just need to buy a N2 Elite disc with $49.9. If you do not have NFC smartphone, you can buy N2 Elite disc and USB NFC reader with $80.5.

Android App 2.0.4 with latest Amiibos support.
* Added Alm and Celica amiibos.
* Fixed some crashes.
We are now working on some major update, next news will be a good surprise for all of you N2 users!


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