Sky3ds+/ sky3ds can support the latest 3DS V11.5.0-38

Yesterday, Nintendo 3DS updated their 3DS and 2DS console to V11.5.0-38. Then sky3ds+ and sky3ds users may want to know whether Sky3ds+/ sky3ds supports 3DS11.5.

To answer this question, we have updated our 3DS console to the latest firmware version. We find sky3ds+ and sky3ds both support 3ds games on 3DS V11.5.0-38 without any problem. If you onlu use sky3ds+/sky3ds to play 3ds game and do not use any 3ds homebrew exploit, it is safe for you to update your 3DS to the latest firmware version.

For 3ds homebrew exploit, NEW3DS payloads supports 3DS 11.5 and you can use homebrew launcher in your NEW3DS 11.5.
If you order one sky3ds+ on ds-cart, you can get a free skydock as gift.