New Way to Spoof Firmware to access Eshop directly on New 3DS and Old 3DS, not Emunand

New way for players to play Eshop with code.bin on their New 3DS and Old 3DS (9.0-9.2). It makes you can go to the Eshop without the newest Firmware.

CURRENTLY IT IS ONLY AVIALABLE BETWEEN 9.0 AND 9.2 (lower firmwares may be supported one day, but, without a new kernel exploit, there is no chances for 9.3+)

Its’s very simple.
Launch NTR CFW on a New 3DS.
Enable the debugger.
Connect the debugger with the command : connect(‘your3dsip’, 8000)
And now the magic command UPDATED (may not work on 8.1J) : write(0x10DD28, (0x00, 0x20, 0x08, 0x60, 0x70, 0x47), pid=0x25)
Done !


Download the code.bin
Copy it to the root of your SD card
Launch the web browser
Clear cookies and history
Go to
Wait for the load bar and the message “failed to load” to disappear
Press Home
Done !


It’s now stable.
Set your internet connection BEFORE and make sure it’s valid.
Access the service you want after you see “finish” in the debugger.
Tested with :
-eShop in games (update of Mii Plaza, DLCs, etc.)
-System Transfer (but the source and the target need to have a firmware in the compatiblity list) —> a whole system transfer has been tested and it work!
-Theme Shop


Question : The browser method doesn’t work. What can I do?
Answer : Install the right version of the browser (see below).

Question : When I select my target 3DS in the System Transfer, it fails! What can I do?
Answer : Install the right version of CARDBROAD on BOTH 3DS (see below).


How to Use rxTools Emunand the Newest 9.7 to Play Eshop and 3ds roms with SKY3DS

Do you know rxTools ?


With its rxMode players can emunand the newest V9.7 FW on any Version NDS consoles without updating your console, then we can go to Eshop and make updates freely, also pair it with the SKY3DS to play 3ds games on this newest FW.

Good news for players who want keep their FW in lower cracked Versions 4.0-9.2, now we can play games which requires high version FW by using SKY3DS on their lower FW consoles.

Here we will tell you how to make the rxMode work on your console with SKY3DS:

Getting necessary files

1. Go to the rxTools official website download the rxTools V2.3(it’s more stable than 2.4, also you can choose the one you like)


2.Extract the rxTool.rar, and copy all the files in to the root of SD card, open cdn_firm.exe, this will generate a new filw “firmware.bin” in you root sd card


3. If you are planning to decrypt your titles, download slot0x25KeyX.bin as well on the root of your sd card.(you can google it).


Booting rxTools

4. Place the SD   card in your 3DS.

5. Start the web browser and visit Or scan the qr code at the end of this tutorial to visit the webpage.

6. Choose the first option “Launch rxMode” and press “A” confirm, wait some seconds it will auto exit, then you will find the system FW has been emunanded to the newest V9.7.0-25

Enjoy the Eshop and play 3ds games with the SKY3DS

Attention, the emunand will exit after you go to the setting.