How to prevent 002-0102 error, avoid your nintendo console be banned

SKY3DS Users
1. do not online unless you know how to use private header to create template
GW/MT Users
1. do not use 3DZ online unless you haev the private header
2. recommend online with CIA

SKY3DS/GW/MT/Original card
Do not share your private template or header to others

latest updated templates for sky3ds:

* Sky3DS updated template file [07/07/2015]

Change logs:
1.Fixed some bugs.
2.Added game:
CTR-P-BCREB268 =Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy Plus (USA)_temp
CTR-P-BWNJ73A7 =Wannyan_Pet_Shop_v02_JPN_3DS-HR_temp


How to Make CIA with the New CIA converter-CIAKonPack

CIAKonPack Updates(2015-05-30) :

Some days ago, someone released the CIA  making tool CIAKonPack( can produce CIAs in batches, and fast), now some other players has updated this tool so that players can use this on New3DS(9.0-9.2).

CIAKonPack-OLD-New3DS.Zip download here:

Tutorial for New3DS:

1. Extract the zip, open New3Ds catalogue, copy all of the 3ds games’ file into the roms file.

2. Copy all of the  3ds file in roms into, waiting for seconds, you can see NCCHINFO.bin file, copy this into the sdcard catalogue(attn: not your sd card)

3. Copy the files of Ninjhaax into your New3ds sd card(Decrypt9 homebrew)

4. Copy files in sdcard into your new3ds sd card

5. Open the new3ds, and launch to Ninjhax(Cubic ninja genuine card or SKY3DS is needed), select Decrypt9, press A choose the first option, press start back to system after it proceed to 100%.

6. You will find two xorpad files in your  new3ds sd card,  copy them to the xorpads file

7. Double click , then you will find lots of cia files in your roms fil after it finished

Enjoy your cias.






CIAKonPack – New CIA converter , make CIA is very easy with this converter

How to use:
1. Extract the zip file , and put as many 3ds roms as you can into /roms directory
2. Run by double-click, (need to install python environment)
3. You will be noticed for needing xorpad files, this time , please copy all the files /sdcard directory to your 3DS SD card, then go to setting->other settings->pofile->Nintendo ds pofile (temporarily only supports old 3ds 4.x)
4. Copy the xorpad files to the directory tool /xorpads from you 3ds sd card
5. Run window back , press Enter to continue, wait for the conversion to complete

CIAKonPack Features:
1. Only decryption exheader to complete the CIA conversion, exheader of xorpad only 1M, eliminating the lengthy decryption time in 3ds
2. Because avoided romfs decryption, it supports the latest encryption of the game, such as Xenoblade Chronicle
3. You can convert multiple rom, only decrypted once in 3ds
4. Leave the manual, support DownloadPlay

System Requirements:
1. 64-bit System (sorry, they will not consider supporting xp or other 32-bit systems)
2. python 2.7

Attached Files:
download CIAKonPack-beta:

How to Use Pasta CFW Play CIA with SKY3DS on O3DS and N3DS?

Updates for Pasta CFW(2015-06-01): Pasta CFW 1.2.1 released:

-Fixed crash in Companion App when system.txt did not exist
-Fixed crash when using old system.txt on new PastaCFW 1.2+
-Code cleanup + more comments

Download Pasta CFW 1.2.1 here:



Now we can make the cia on our consoles with SKY3DS or the genuine Cubic Ninja game card. no need of the GW.

And its confirmed that the CIAs is region free with Pasta CFW

Let’s started with the following steps:

cards and Files: SKY3DS or the genuine Cubic Ninja game card, the CIA of DEVMENU, the CIA of other games.
FW: between 4.0-9.2( support both O3DS and N3DS| Also support DSIware and GBA VC )


1. Download the Pasta CFW(, Ninjhax ( FBI(

2. extract them into the root of SD card, include the CIA of DEVMENU and other games

(attention: copy the files in starter first, then the 3ds file of pasta, last copy the files in FBI into sd card, all the same files should be replaced by the later one)


3. runing the Cubic Ninja, then scan the QR code on the Ninjahax official website to enter the custome firmware (

4. press “A” to run “Brahma”(Pasta CFW), after seconds black screen it will back to the system interface( choose to load arm9payload.bin,then press A to run arm9payload.bin, select the right version and press A to confirm, then back to the system interface)

5. run the Cubic Ninja again to get into the custome firmware, select the FBI, press A to running, and install the CIA of DEVMENU, click Start to get back to CFW after this finished

6. press “Start” back to the system interface

7. now the DEVMENU gift will appear on your console, people can use this tool to install other game cias.

One SKY3DS card equals to numerous genuine game card, can leads to play CIA, homebrew, region free, any new plugins which need other games to lead, SKY3DS can do this, Also you can use SKY3DS play DSIware and GBA VC which GW never can work on it. Absolutely better than GW, isn’t it?



Updates for Pasta CFW(2015-05-28): Pasta CFW 1.2 released:

a new CFW loader for both N3DS and O3DS had been made, it requires Cubic Ninja and allows you to install and run unsigned CIAs.

It works on N3DS 9.0-9.2 and O3DS 4.1-9.2 .

Also, unsigned DSIware works as well as GBA Virtual Console !

UPDATE (27 May 2015): VERSION 1.2!!!
-Added an ARM9 ram dumper, for debug purposes
-Added support to PC Companion App
-Changed the system.txt handling
-Now to autoboot the gui, you don’t have to create a bootmenu.txt file. You just have to use the PC Companion App.
Since PastaCFW version 1.2, you can use the PC Companion app to change PastaCFW settings. For now, pc companion features are:
-Enable GUI autoboot
-Enable ARM9 RAM dumper at pastacfw boot
-See the latest firmware/type that PastaCFW has detected

Download Pasta CFW 1.2 here:

Updates for Pasta CFW(2015-05-22):

Download the archive provided below(“”), unzip it’s contents to the root of the SD card of your N/O3DS. 

(If you want to access the UI, to either check the credits, or have a look at the great ui by Crusard, simply hold “L” at the same time that you select “PastaCFW” from ninjhax or to always boot into the UI, create an empty file called “bootmenu.txt” at “/3DS/PastaCFW/”)
UPDATE (22 May 2015): VERSION 1.1!!!
-Fixed crazy CREDITS button! (thanks to FrozenFish24)
-Added button animations (had to do a lot of optimization in order to fit the required images)
-Now you can force the UI to boot everytime! Just create an empty file named bootmenu.txt inside sdmc/3ds/PastaCFW/
-New icon!

UPDATE (21 May 2015) : VERSION 1.0!!!
Finally! Pasta CFW is now fully released! No more pre-releases, beta or whatever! Last bugs are fixed, and you can now fully ENJOY!
-New GUI
-Fixed bugs
-Auto-boot (hold L to access CFW menu)
-Support of 5.X, 6.X and 7.X

UPDATE (21 May 2015) : Version 1.0 beta 3 released!!!
-Fixed 8.X support (beta 3)
-Fixed black screen issue (beta 2)
-New GUI
-Fixed firmware detection bug
-Auto-boot (hold L to access CFW menu)
-Support of 5.X, 6.X and 7.X
-Credits are back!

UPDATE (18 May 2015) : Version 0.1.4 released, here is a little changelog :
– Now PastaCFW has it’s own Ninjhax application
– Now PastaCFW will automaticly load any payload located in “/3ds/PastaCFW/loader.bin”
– An auto detection function for firmware was introduced, it will select the right Firmware for you ( if there is no issues, i will make it into an autoboot (from ninjhax) CFW later 🙂 ).


Video for CIA work on O3DS and N3DS