How to use SkyDock with sky3ds+ V140 to extract private header and dump game card?


SkyDock comes for sky3ds+ which released by sky3ds SkyDock is a private header extractor and game cart dumper, which means you can use SkyDock to extract private header from your orginal 3ds game card and play 3ds online games without ban. And Sky3ds dock can also dump your 3ds game card to . 3ds rom for sky3ds+.

In this post, we will tell you how to use SkyDock with sky3ds+ V140 to extract private header and dump game card.

* Sky3DS+ firmware V140 [05/25/2017]
Change logs:
1. Online games issue fixed.
2. Drive for skyDock’s powerful features.

First of all, update your sky3DS+ firmware to V140
Copy the firmware.bin of sky3ds+ firmware V140 into the root directory of your FAT32 microSD card. Insert your microSD card into sky3DS+, connect your PC and sky3DS+ with a USB cable. The LED red light will turn on for 30 seconds, then turn to the green light and keep flashing for 10 seconds, once the light turn off it means the sky3DS+ has been updated successfully. Delete the firmware.bin file in your microSD card.

How to use SkyDock with sky3ds+ V140 to extract private header for playing online games?

Insert the updated sky3ds+ and one of your original 3DS game card to the two slots of Skydock, then connect sky3ds+ to your PC with USB cable. The LED blue light will flash, and a new savekeys.txt file will be created in microSD card. The savekeys.txt file is used for saving private header.skydock7

If you want to play many online games with one private header, please please open the savekeys.txt file and copy the line “GAMESAVE_KEY” to the settings.txt file.23

How to use SkyDock with sky3ds+ V140 to dump game card ?

Hold and keep pressing sky3ds+ orange button, don’t release it until LED red light starts to flash. The LED red light will keep flashing for several minutes, then turn to the green light and keep flashing. Once the light turns off, a .3ds file will be created in the microSD card. The .3ds file is the 3ds ROM of the original game card. (Alert: The flash time depends on the game size. The bigger the game, the longer the time, please wait with patience. Never unplug the USB cable while the green light keeps flashing, or 3ds ROM will not load successfully on your 3DS.)6 has enough stock of SkyDock. You can get cheap SkyDock from this site.
If you have already bought sky3ds+ from,  you can pay $7 shipping cost to get a free SkyDock.
If you buy one sky3ds+, you can get a free SkyDock.001


[Tutorial]How to get a Private Header and Setting it into the SKY3DS Template File with Detailed Examples

Just found a very detailed instruction about how to setting private header  on SKY3DS  template file on the forum of GBAtemp. Let’s have a share

I. Private Header

A Private Header is a piece of data from a legit physical copy of a game cart. This data is unique to a single game cart. It also exists somewhere in Nintendo’s database which they use to check if how many people are using the same header online.

Normally, it is impossible for two or more headers to be online at the same time since the headers come from a legit physical game cart and it is physically impossible for two or more consoles to be using the same physical game cart at the same time.

But for the digital ROMs used by flash carts, these headers are shared.

With the recent ban wave (which is still on going) using Public or Shared Headers (originating from Sky3DS’ Template File shared by many Sky3DS users) could result to your console being banned.

Note: Using a public header without ever going online will not result in a ban.

  1. Extracting a Private Header

There are few ways to extract a private header from a legit physical game cart.
I’ll just stick to two very common ways.

  • Using Powersaves

GBATemp user LameNobody posted a tutorial on how to extract a private header using Powersaves.
You can view it here:

  • Using Gateway-3DS


A 3DS on version 4.5 – 9.2

A SD Card Reader

Put your game card in the console, and dump or backup your legit physical game cart in Gateway menu, Gateway-3DS’ official manual.

After you dumped or backed up your legit physical game cart, you should end up with a .3DS file of your game inside your 3DS’ SD Card.

  1. Plug in your SD Card in your SD Card Reader and plug it in the USB Port of your computer.
  2. Cut the .3DS File from your SD Card and place it somewhere in your computer.
  3. Safely Remove your SD Card Reader from your computer.
  4. Extract PsyKo’s Gateway ROM Patcherand place your .3DS file in the same folder.

1. Open PsyKo’s Gateway ROM Patcher

2. Load your .3DS file on PsyKo’s Gateway ROM Patcher

3. Click the Export header to file Button and save the .bin file on the same folder

4. You should end up with a .bin file. This contains your header information. Keep it in a safe place and NEVER share it with anyone.

This concludes our Extracting a Private Header using Gateway-3DS part.

III. Injecting a Private Header


  1. Place The latest Sky3DS Template Filehackotedelaplaqu’s No Ban No Sky, and Your Private Header File (.bin file) in the same folder.s5
  2. Open hackotedelaplaqu’s No Ban No Sky                                                                                                                     s6
  3. Double-click on Your Private Header File (.bin file) and The latest Sky3DS Template File                                             s8
  4. Click on the Patch ALL Games in the template file Button

And that’s it, I recommend renaming your template file into something else like (private403.txt) because you will be using this template file when writing games on your MicroSD Card using the DiskWriter.

Note: Please don’t include spaces and other special characters when renaming your template file.

This concludes our injecting a Private Header part.

IV. Header Checking


Assuming you already played a game using Sky3DS and using your private header.

  1. Plug in your MicroSD Card in your MicroSD Card Adapter / Card Reader and plug it in the USB port of your computer.
  2. Open Sky3DS’ DiskWriterand select your MicroSD Card
  3. Right-click on your game and click the Backup Save option
  4. You should end up with a .sav file
  5. Open HxD (A free hex-editing software)and open your .sav file
  6. Check and see if the lined out area (red lined) matches your private header. If it matches, you are using a private header on the game you are playing with Sky3DS.

This concludes our Header Checking part.

[Tutorial] How to Get Private Header from Original Game Cartridge and Use It on Other ROMS

Today lets share a small tool for extract private header from original game card.

files needed:


.3ds game backup from original game card

Step 1: Extract Gateway3DSHelper and open Gateway3DSHelper.exe

Step 2: Change the path to you roms, double click the original .3ds game


Step 3: Click export(导出) to get the private header, you will find .bin in the file, it is the private header for this game.



Use this Private header:

Step 4: Choose game you want to play online, click import(导入) to choose the .bin file you just made


Step 5: Change the unpaired information until them paired, Factory(芯片厂商), ROM size(ROM 大小), Unknown(未知), card type(卡带类型)


Tips: don’t change the cartridge ID,

factory option: C2 AE 45, choose the one your original card is.

ROM size: choose the size your game is

Unknown: most of this is 00

Card type: only 2 option, just change to another if it not pair

Step 6: Click apply(应用) to use this private header

Step 7: Last but important, don’t forget click Change the extension to .3dz(修改扩展名为.3dz), then online…


Tips: don’t play US ROMs online on JP 3DS, you can use EU 3DS play US roms