New Firmware Updates from SKY3DS Official Team

We can see that there is an update about sky3ds+ cards yesterday on sky3ds official website.

there said that they are working on the new firmware for sky3ds+, and would be released in couple of days.

no doubt we can guess their new firmware for sky3ds+ will support  newest ap-check games like pokemon sun and moon, then all the sky3ds+ users can just update their sky3ds+ FW with the usb cables online directly if you want play that game.

How do you think about this?

* We are still working on the new firmware for sky3DS+! (11/28/2016)
We are still working on the new firmware for sky3DS+, and will keep our site updated as soon as we get any news,
hopefully it will be released within couple of days. Thanks for your patience!


SKY3DS DiskWriter V1.04 Released

SKY3DS DiskWriter V1.04 released, and their template file updated too.

More games, more perfect

  • * Sky3DS DiskWriter V1.04 [12/08/2014]
Change logs:
1. Fixed a few tiny bugs.
2. Added verify feature.


  • * Sky3DS updated template file [12/06/2014]
Change Logs:
We’ve added more games title info into this updated Template file, please download it to enjoy. We will keep it updated constantly later.