[TUTORIAL] How to play online with ANY Header on Sky3DS!!! No worries about Manufacturer ID, no worry to be banned

Got two method from GBATEMP  for make the template file with your own private header to play online.

Experience 1:

I’ve got a C2 Manufacterer Header by looking up my Rom (Game) at Sky Army Knife using the public Sky3DS Template.

Pokemon X is “AE” Manufacterer as example and the only thing i did is looking up the SHA1 Code from this ROM in Sky3DS Template using Sky Army Knife and change the Manufacterer in your Sky3DS Template from “AE” to “C2” and voila, you can connect without the Error Code.

Experience 2:

After getting my Sky3ds some days ago, I used header from Super Mario 3D Land and patched it using NoBanNoSky. But it didn’t work on any of my games. I used Sky Army Knife and others but they didn’t work too.

So I finally found a way 3 days ago, and was testing many different games- like Mario Kart 7, Super Smash Bros and many others before releasing the way how I did it. IF NoBanNoSky DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU, OR YOU ARE GETTING ERROR 002-0123, THIS IS A TUTORIAL YOU SHOULD FOLLOW. So, lets get started:

Gateway Rom Patcher: http://scene.releases.free.fr/tools/download.php?dl=GRP_v1.1
SkyTempIDEdit: http://filetrip.net/dl?GXRuXXrpZa
SkyTempIDEdit Command.txt: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u0kd0asg1hzrl53/SkytempID+Command.txt


1. Download the two files listed above in the downloads section.
2. Make sure you have the private header in a .bin file and a ROM which you are going to add in Sky3ds. If you don’t know how to extract a private header, here is the tutorial: https://gbatemp.net/threads/guide-everything-under-the-sky3ds.386045/
3. Put both of the files in one same folder.
4. Open Gateway Rom Patcher as an administrator.
5. Click on Load ROM and browse where your ROM is.
6. Click on Import header to file and browse to your private header .bin file
7. You will see 2 warnings, just click Yes to both of them.
8. You should finally have something like this:


Don’t close Gateway Rom Patcher yet!!

9. Now make sure you have the latest template from Sky3DS website. Rename the new template to “template.txt” and make sure it is also in the same folder.
10. Now you should have “SkyTempIDEdit.exe” and “template.txt”in the same folder.
11. Press SHIFT + Right click on SKyTempIDEdit.exe and click “Copy as path”
12. Open up notepad provided in the downloads section and paste it over [Paste the path here without quotations]
13. Copy your “Cart ID”- which is your private header from Gateway Rom Patcher and paste it over [Private header]
14. Copy your “Chip ID” from Gateway Rom Patcher, NOT the FFFFFFFF one on the top but on the bottom like the one I have in the picture C27FFF90
15. Now you should have something like this:
16. On Gateway, click on “Clear header” (Say YES to the Warning) and close Gateway Rom Patcher
17. Click Start and Type/Open “Run” which looks like this
18. Copy everything from notepad and paste it in the run “Open” section.


19. Press OK
20. It will open up Command Prompt, and it will take 2-3 minutes for its process. DON’T CLOSE IT, IT WILL CLOSE AUTOMATICALLY.
21. Once Command Prompt closes itself, you should see a file in the same folder called “new-template.txt”. This is a new template file that you will use in the Diskwriter for your game.
22. Open up DiskWriter, click on Options -> Change Template and choose new-template.txt
23. Write your ROM on the DiskWriter and Play ONLINE!!!

**Remember, this template only works for that one ROM that you chose in the first place. To play online with another ROM, you have to follow all the steps again and make a new template.

Difference between this two method: the second method use gateway patcher to suggest the correct manufacturer and rest (with the chip id settings suggestion), so you don’t have to run around trying to find which game uses which.


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